Quadrotor Gallery starting 1996 ...

First frame (1996)

X-Copter v0 (1999)

X-Copter v1 (2004)

X-Copter v2 (2005)

X-Copter v3 (2008)

xc_tf xc_v0 xc_v1 xc_v2 xc_v3
First test frame designed for conventional brushed (Speed 700) DC direct drives. X-Copter v0 with Styrodur frame and brushed (Speed 400) DC direct drives. X-Copter v1 with carbon fiber frame, DC gear drives and piezoelectric gyroscopes. X-Copter v2 with shrinked carbon fiber frame, DC gear drives and MEMS sensors. X-Copter v3 with aluminium frame, brushless drives and MEMS sensors.

H-Copter v1 (2014)

QR v3 (2017)

qr_v1 qr_v3
H-Copter v1 with aluminium frame, brushless drives, MEMS sensors, GPS and LPC2148 controller. QR with DJI 450 frame, AGM MT2216 BLDCs, FVT LittleBee ESCs, MEMS sensors, u-blox GPS receiver, and dual NXP LPC2148 / TI OMAP3503 controller.

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